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The future of humanity passes by way of the family.   – John Paul II

At Starcevic Law, we are most passionate about helping people in three types of family law cases – Collaborative Divorce, Father’s Rights, and Military Divorce. If you and your spouse want to make your own decisions about your divorce in a respectful and balanced manner, then we want help you. If you are going through a separation and want to remain an involved, responsible, and committed father, please give us a call. If you are a veteran, military service member, or a military spouse, we appreciate the sacrifices you have made and want to help you successfully transition into the next phase of your life. Divorce is difficult, but there is a lot riding on how the process is handled. We want to help you make sound, long-term financial decisions, put your children’s interests first, and conduct the process with integrity. Our experience in divorce mediation and collaborative divorce law helps us provide you with a variety of creative solutions to your family law issues. As a father who has been through litigation in order to stay involved with his own child, Evan understands the situation you may be facing. Additionally our military background gives us an understanding of the unique challenges facing military couples and the resources available to you. There is no substitute for experience and our established legal practice offers the peace of mind you need for family transitions.

When you have family law disputes, you need an attorney who knows the law in Iowa as well as alternative methods of reaching agreements.  Our firm is committed to finding the optimal solution for your unique situation, and we will guide you in every step of finalizing your divorce.



If you are contemplating divorce, we can advise you on every element of achieving an equitable agreement with your spouse.  This may include distribution of property, care of children, spousal support, and other related issues.


Spousal Support/

Spousal support or alimony is not always awarded in a divorce, however there are common situations when spousal support becomes an issue.  Our staff will guide you through the range of possible outcomes and help you understand whether alimony may be applicable in your case.


Father’s Rights/
Child Custody

Children are often a priority in a divorce, and decisions must be made about legal custody and physical care.  You and your spouse will both want access to your children, and we will work to ensure that custody and visitation plans are in your children’s best interests.


Collaborative Law

Divorce does not have to be adversarial, and we are trained in collaborative law, a process or reaching agreement with your spouse outside of court.  This can save you time and expense, and help you make good, long-term decisions for your family.

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