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Divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences in life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our firm specializes in family law and uses alternative methods to reach fair resolutions, when possible.  We are committed to finding the optimal solution for your unique situation, providing you with expert family law advice, and guiding you in every step of your divorce.

About Starcevic Law

Spousal Support / Alimony

At Starcevic Law we know Des Moines alimony law and can advise you whether spousal support may apply in your case.


We understand that a divorce can be a stressful and disruptive time, and we will strive to give you clear legal guidance to resolve all aspects of your dissolution.

child custody

Starcevic Law offers clients the experience of a Des Moines child custody attorney to guide them in the issues of custody and physical care of their children.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative divorce gives couples the opportunity to reach an amicable agreement surrounding property, finances and care of children.

  • Evan helped me through a divorce this past year. It was an unexpected event for me personally. My ex-spouse was much more mentally prepared than I was. Evan made the process simple to understand and was very easy to work with. I felt like he explained complexities well and did a good job of listening to understanding my desires and needs. We were able to work collaboratively with my ex and her attorney without entering into formal court litigation. I felt he had a well balanced approach - not too heavy handed on demands so as to lose ground by angering the other party, but not too lose so as to give up ground where it was unnecessary. He made me very well aware of what I could stand to lose at the beginning and I felt that we saw virtually everything coming from the opposition. We were able to make some great adjustments because of his foresight and innovation and came away with several win win scenarios that were easy to negotiate. I appreciate his services very much. Thanks Evan.

  • I asked Mr Starcevic to assist me in a custody dispute. He was always honest and told me the straight answers as to what we can do and how the confusing system works sometimes. He was always willing to help and advise me no matter when I would contact him. I've even recommended him to others and gotten the same feedback. His price is also more that fair.

  • My regular attorney didn't handle family law, but recommended Evan to me. He was very polite, professional and helpful through the entire proceedings. He helped me get a very reasonable visitation with my child and I would definitely recommend him and contact him if I ever need anything again. It's just too bad that Iowa law puts Fathers through this process. It's as though we have no rights at all unless we go to the mat and fight for them. There are lots of good Fathers out there and some don't have the money or stamina to go through the process. I'm happy that Evan helped me through all of that. He's a really good guy and attorney.

  • Evan was professional and supportive in handling my divorce. He quickly answered all of questions and concerns. He expertly guided me through the process and I would highly recommend retaining Evan if you are in need of counsel.

  • I was very pleased with the attention and commitment Evan gave to my divorce. He knew exactly how to handle the mediation to get what I wanted and avoid trial. I strongly recommend his service.

  • Very professional, honest and straight forward lawyer. Evan maintains a very open line of communication and answered all my question quickly. Evan has found ways to use technology to help his clients stay current on all documentation related to the case. This helped cut down on time needed with face-to-face meetings, yet he was more than willing to meet face-to-face. For me, not knowing how to navigate the legal system Evan talked in terms I could understand and made things very simple. I would recommend Evan to anyone needing divorce or seperation legal services.

  • I had contacted Evan about my divorce in October of 2014. It wasn't the easiest case, but Evan was there to help me through everything. We worked together very well and he always did his best to answer any questions I may have had. He helped me understand everything that was going on with my divorce, and was overall a very good lawyer for me and my family. I would highly recommend Evan to anyone, he is easy to get along with, talk to, and does everything he can to help!

  • Evan was by far the best ever. I have never dealt with lawyers in my past he made things easy to understand got back to me quickly. He was very knowledgeable and I feel like he was sincere I went to another lawyer previously and I felt they just wanted the money . I would recommend him to anyone needing help. I can’t ever thank you enough!

  • I was very impressed with Evan's professionalism and personality. I would definitely recommend Evan if you need a divorce lawyer.

  • I was struggling to find an attorney for over 6 months until I found Evan. He was polite, knowledgeable, respectful and worked very hard to get the results that I asked for. He helped me get where I needed to be to move on and start moving forward with life again!!! Everyday I spend with my children is a reminder that I made the best decision possible hiring him as my attorney! I am forever grateful! Thank You Evan!!!!

  • I found Evan online when I was searching for a divorce attorney. His military background is what made me decide to contact him. Originally, I was not aware of exactly how much it costs to get divorced. Unfortunately, I was not able to come up with the money for a retainer. I explained this to Evan and he was happy enough to work with me as far as billing. I am very grateful that he was able to do that for me. I was very satisfied with his work on my divorce and custody from beginning to end. He is very prompt at returning phone calls and emails. I have already recommended him to 3 people. I would highly recommend him and if I ever need another attorney in the future, I wouldn't think of calling anyone else.

  • Evan was on the ball, and kept me updated along the way. His rates are very reasonable, and he made a difficult decision easier to handle.

  • I would highly recommend Evan Starcevic. He was very professional and kept me informed of every step of my divorce. He kept me calm and got my situation taken care of quickly. Definitely the kind of lawyer everyone should have.

  • I'm not sure how to adequately explain how helpful, supportive, reassuring, and overall just getting my situation taken care of in not only the best interest of myself, but my child as well, Mr. Starcevic truly was. Mr. Starcevic helped me retain my 50/50 custody, while also helping make it possible for me to get help for my daughter assistance she needed, where I had found road blocks before. He is a very detailed orientated individual that did not miss the little things and made sure that all ducks were in a row. Mr. Starcevic helped explain what was all needed by me and explained what I could expect throughout the whole case. He kept me up-to-speed with all that was happening and made sure that I was covered on all the moves I made. He made me feel like a person and not just a client. If I have to deal with this situation again, I will be returning to Mr. Starcevic. I will truly forever be grateful having had him as my attorney.

  • Great Attorney. Very knowledgeable and doesn't miss the little things that helps with making sure you're doing the right things for your situation. From the very initial consultation, he's always been upfront and honest with every aspect of the process. Best in his practice!

  • My husband and I used Evan J Starcevic for our estate planning after we had our first child last winter. Starcevic helped us set up a trust, created our will and in general helped us establish a strong estate plan. I would strongly recommend Starcevic as an attorney to anyone. He was extremely thorough, efficient and professional. His fees were also very reasonable. Excellent service!

  • I don’t think I adequately thanked Evan for his help on what was arguably the worst day of my life. Statius as a divorced man has me numb but it could have been a far worse experience without Evan's help! He was prepared for each contingency, and this save me money and heartache. I would heartily recommend Evan for family law issues.

  • Evan is very knowledgable and took the time to explain the process and more than willing to understand and answer any questions I had in preparing our will. He was easy to reach and always responded promptly. He is an exceptional attorney and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience!

  • Evan was professional and thorough. He completed the work in a timely manner. I highly recommend Starcevic law.

  • Easy to work with and very straight forward lawyer. I never had to ask where things were in my case as he already had the answer to my questions before I knew I had a question. With multiple locations to serve my needs it made it even easier to arrange meeting to discuss my case.

  • Evan is a wonderful attorney who is highly attentive to detail. Whenever I needed something done for a case with my son, he was always quick to respond to my needs. I feel that his rates are very reasonable for the direction he provides and the knowledge he possesses. Personally, I would recommend him for family law to anyone I know. I will absolutely be calling him if/when I have a problem in the future.

  • My experience with Evan was a very good one in a time that was rather trying in life. Evan made sure that I was informed every step of the way. Evan was well prepared for every part of the case and with all the questions that I had. While I hope to not have to go through this situation again, I know that if I do, I will go back to Starcevic Law and work with Evan.

  • Evan was very professional and very knowledgeable for every question I had for him. He worked very quickly to get all my litigation done and filed with the court. I would use Evan anytime I need any legal assistance or advice. He does an exceptional job.


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